"A smile
            each day ..."


A smile each day ... We look forward to seeing you!

We want you to feel comfortable and safe with us and put emphasis on reliable care in a relaxed and trust-based atmosphere.

You will definitely benefit of a high professional competence: That is why we regularly attend first-class training courses and work on the latest state of dental science and technology, such as computer-aided dentistry (CEREC), laser therapy, digital X-rays, mechanical root canal treatment, 3D-supported implantology and filling therapy … to your advantage.

We do not use amalgam in our practice and rely on new materials like all-ceramics and ceramic composite.

Our well-coordinated Team:

  • Dentist Dr. Christine Herrmann-Flechtenmacher
  • Dental assistant Gabriele Herrmann
  • Dental assistant Sandra Guttschuss

"Long-term protection of your oral and dental health"

The preservation of the natural teeth of our patients is the most important goal of our dental efforts. If the patient's natural dentition can be preserved until old age it is at the same time the most cost-effective way for his / her dental health, because expensive dentures and implants are avoided. The improvement of oral health contributes directly to the improvement of general health and thus to the quality of life.

We look forward to consulting you in detail and will gladly work out an individual treatment plan for you.

"In agreement with your healthcare partners"

As far as shared or overlapping fields of expertise are concerned, we work closely together with representatives of other disciplines such as oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, physiotherapists, orthopedists, pediatricians, speech therapists as well as ear, nose and throat specialists. The contact with your general practitioner is also particularly important to us.

If you are already being cared for by doctors in the “Ärztehaus HD-West”, we are well connected by short ways within the center.

  • Dr. Christine Herrmann-Flechtenmacher

    Dentist Dr. Christine Herrmann-Flechtenmacher

    Feel comfortable with 25 years of professional experience and the current state of science. You can also take advantage of more than 1,000 hours of first-class further training and the latest techniques.

  • Gabriele Herrmann

    Dental assistant Gabriele Herrmann

    I have been in the dental practice for 20 years "solid as a rock". For you as a patient I take care during registration, X-rays and prophylaxis. I will also advise you on the costs involved.

  • Sandra Guttschuss

    Dental assistant Sandra Guttschuss

    I am pleased to be able to look after you as a patient in the dental practice for 8 years now. My main focuses are dental hygiene and X-rays. I am also responsible for registration and practice management.

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