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        "Use our state-of-the-art technology.
It is our utmost concern that you feel
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Individual consultation is very important to me:

The well-being of our patients and the consideration of their wishes are the focus of our treatment. This is the only way we can meet our high standards of successful, sustainable and esthetically pleasing treatment results and protect your oral health. Dental records such as X-rays, which you can bring with you for an apppointment, are helpful

... and you should be so content with our consultation and treatment that you will recommend us to your friends and relatives!

Convince yourself: My team and I look forward to your visit!

In emergency outside our consultation hours, please contact
the emergency dental services:

Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians: KZV BW Sofienstr. 29 . 69115 Heidelberg in 'Europa-Center'

phone: 06221-3544917 . www.zahn-forum.de

Daily 7 p.m - 6 a.m. Non-business days also 6 a.m - 8 p.m . Each weekend Friday 7 p.m - to Monday 6 a.m.

Our service-oriented offer

Cerec® Ceramic Reconstruction

Single visit dentistry: the most beautiful and most durable kind of fillings and dental prostheses in the posterior region

Patients are increasingly demanding dental restorations such as inlays, crowns or partial crowns in their natural tooth color. Our dental practice in Heidelberg can produce your dental prosthesis during your appointment using computer-aided CEREC® technology.

At the Herrmann-Flechtenmacher dental practice, dental defects are preferably treated with milled inlays, partial crowns and all-ceramic crowns. Caries or an old filling is removed and a cavity is prepared in the same session. With the help of a special scanner, the Cerec® AC Bluecam, an optical impression is taken and computer-assisted calculated.

After the design on the computer, a milling unit uses a ceramic block to precisely manufacture your dental prosthesis (CAD/CAM technology) which we then insert in the dental practice. This usually happens very quickly. It goes without saying that we ensure you do not feel pain during the entire treatment.

Your advantage: High-quality crowns and inlays with a lot of time saved and without temporary restorations

The patient arrives at the practice with a defect, which is restored 1 to 2.5 hours later with a fully inserted denture without taking an impression. This process for manufacturing dental prostheses has been used successfully in our practice since October 2011. Treatment is not stressful for you, as most of the work is carried out either digitally or outside your mouth.

Cerec® restorations are characterized by very high stability, precision and durability. We can use them to fabricate inlays, onlays, partial crowns, crowns, veneers and bridges for you. CEREC® crowns and bridges can be used on both teeth and implants.

Advantages of a CEREC® restoration at a glance:

• No allergies or intolerance reactions, as CEREC® ceramics are metal-free and biocompatible and therefore do not interact with any metals in the mouth (crowns, bridges, etc.).
• CEREC® ceramics have natural tooth-colored esthetics.
• CEREC® ceramics have a perfect computer-accurate fit and therefore a long service life: high stability and abrasion resistance.
• CEREC® ceramics have the same physical properties as natural enamel and the dental prosthesis feels - and looks - natural.
• One treatment session is usually sufficient to treat your tooth or teeth.
• The unpleasant procedure of taking an impression is no longer necessary. This is particularly important for patients with gag reflexes.

Further information can be found at  www.dentsplysirona.com

Intraoral Camera

An excellent device to make dental treatment more transparent and understandable.

+ The patient can see the tooth defects in a high magnification and we can explain exactly what needs to be treated
+ Pre- and post-images of treatment
+ Follow-up of periodontitis treatment
+ Documentation

Magnifying Glasses

We work with illuminated magnifying glasses. By enlarging the treatment area up to four times, our interventions are very accurate and minimally invasive – which contributes to the protection of the teeth.

Digital X-ray

We protect your health by using digital X-ray technology, as the radiation exposure is significantly lower than with analog X-rays. In this way, we also contribute to environmental protection, since no chemicals are necessary in the development of digital X-rays: Your X-ray image appears directly on our computer screens.

Recall für long-term treatment outcomes

Regular examinations are necessary to achieve a long-term treatment result. Since experience in all dental practices has shown that regular prophylaxis is often forgotten, we offer you a recall system: This means that we will contact you if you wish and remind you of the upcoming examination.

Service for elderly and disabled people

Our practice is handicapped accessible. It is located in the 'Ärztehaus West' in the Weststadt in Heidelberg. There is a parking lot for disabled people in front of the house as well as a disabled toilet and a lift that takes you to our practice on the 4th floor. Our treatment rooms are suitable for wheelchairs. An examination outside the treatment chair (e.g. in a wheelchair) is easily possible.

We are looking forward visiting and dentally medicating elderly or older people at home after e.g. mutual agreement via phone.


There are complex and less complex treatment options. We follow your requests and evaluate the special features of your case. We follow a guideline-based concept and advise you in the same way as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Health insurances (both statutory and private ones) usually only subsidize part of the services.

We will give you detailed information about the costs of your treatment and your own contribution after a detailed diagnosis and personal discussion.

PVS dental is a service provider at our side who offers attractive financing options for your personal contribution. Please ask us about it and we will be happy to explain the procedure to you.

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