Overview of our services

We want you to feel safe with us. Take advantage of 25 years of professional experience, latest techniques and a team, that keeps up-to-date with the current state of science like computer-aided dental-medicine (CEREC), laser-therapy, digital X-ray, automatic root canal-preparation and 3D-assisting implantology.

A smile each day ... We look forward to seeing you!


  • Prevention | Prophylaxis
  • Tooth preservation | Fillings
  • Prosthetics | Dental prostheses
  • Endodontics | Root canal treatment
  • Periodontology | Gum treatment
  • Implantology | Dentures
  • Pediatric and adolescent dentistry
  • Esthetic dentistry | Bleaching
  • Functional Diagnostics | Occlusal splints
  • Prevention | Prophylaxis

    Prevention | Prophylaxis

    Concentrating on prevention, we want to ensure long-term dental health for children, adolescents and adults … in a friendly environment.

  • Tooth preservation | Fillings

    Tooth preservation | Fillings

    During the filling therapy we pay attention to well-tolerated and biocompatible materials and try to preserve as much healthy natural tooth substance as possible.

  • Prosthetics | Dental prostheses

    Prosthetics | Dental prostheses

    Fixed dentures include bridges, crowns, veneers and implant abutments. Removable dentures have the advantage that they can be extended.

  • Endodontics | Root canal treatment

    Endodontics | Root canal treatment

    Dental check-ups can detect diseases of the tooth root or deep, destructive caries at an early stage.

  • Periodontology  | Gum treatment

    Periodontology | Gum treatment

    Your teeth should be firmly fixed ... Do not give the gradual development of periodontitis a chance and prevent gingivitis and periodontitis.

  • Implantology | Dentures

    Implantology | Dentures

    Once inserted, replacement roots can be used for various forms of dental prostheses, such as crowns and bridge constructions, or also for a safer hold of dentures.

  • Pediatric and adolescent dentistry

    Pediatric and adolescent dentistry

    Prevention is better than cure: This applies from the first milk tooth to adulthood ... best with the most pleasant atmosphere.

  • Esthetic dentistry | Bleaching

    Esthetic dentistry | Bleaching

    Whitening of the teeth is most of the time achieved by applying a special gel to the teeth, the active substance of which penetrates the tooth and “discolors” the dark pigment molecules there.

  • Functional Diagnostics  | Occlusal splints

    Functional Diagnostics | Occlusal splints

    With the help of functional diagnostics, we can locate incorrect loading of the jaw that causes pain or other symptoms.

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